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"Member App was easy it was to setup my membership website and start taking payments. I was able to signup over 30 new students within days of starting with Member App"


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Upload videos, add text, attach worksheets. Use our course creation engine to plan & create results driven courses fast.

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"I couldn't believe the speed and simplicity of Member App. I was able to create a a Membership that perfectly fits my courses and my students love to access."

Slava Thompson, Founder & CEO

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Charge what you want for your courses. Generate branded checkout pages automatically. Professionally onboard new students.

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"The entire experience my students go through when they enrol in my courses is amazing. Member App automates a lot of the communication making it really clear for students what to do and how to access their courses. This software really enhances my students learning experience."

Slava Thompson, Founder & CEO

Communicate, test and get feedback

Choose from a wide range of student engagement tools. Run quiz's, unit tests & review student progress. Get feedback and support your students.

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"I love the wide range of built-in features I get with Member App. I'm able to run unit tests with my students, test their knowledge. I can also monitor every individuals students progress throughout the course and see how many of my videos they are watching and communicate with them directly from within the software."

Slava Babiichuk, Founder & CEO

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