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Media Hosting, Advanced Video & Audio Player, Video Captions, Video Analytics, Commercial Feedback System & Sub-User upgrade

Get Paid Directly Inside Member App

Both you and your client can now receive
Payments right within Member App.

Choose from multiple pricing options which
Include: one time, trial periods, monthly or
annual subscriptions.

Get paid instantly into either your Stripe
Or Paypal accounts directly from within
Member App.

Customizable checkout pages & forms

Charge users from right within Member App.
Choose out of 4 customizable checkout
forms you can add or embed directly into
your website. Sell your memberships
professionally right from within Member App.

Course Funnels & Additional In-Course Offers

You can now create entire sales funnels within Member App.

Automatically redirect your customers to additional courses they can purchase.

Offer in-course upgrades to your customers.

Manage customer transactions

View your customers average customer
value, overall money spent with you and
course purchases.

Issue refunds, cancel subscriptions and
manage your customer transactions.

If a students card is expiring or has expired
automatically send them a link to update
their card from within their student workspace.

Affiliate Management Dashboard

Affiliates can apply and promote your courses.

You can manage all affiliates, process commissions and track sales from affiliates.

Each affiliate who signs up to promote your products receives their own affiliate management dashboard.

Immediately increase sales with the help of your affiliates.

Activate Course Coupons

Create ‘coupon code’ discount offers right from within your Member App dashboard.

Manage, edit and delete coupons with ease inside of your new ‘coupon’ dashboard.

Add coupon ‘limits’, end date & time and personalize your coupons to suit your
marketing campaigns.

Upload & Host All Of Your Media Files With Ease

Cancel your subscriptions to other hosting platforms.

You can now host all of your videos, audio files, documents or PDFs right within your Member App account.

Manage, add, edit or delete.

Add video, audio, Documents and PDFs directly into Member App from your computer.

Gorgeous, Fast & Protected Video Player

Your videos are immediately added to your course after upgrade with their own video player.

Protect your videos from downloaders using our fast & secure video technology.

The video player is customized to suit your theme automatically to maximize your students learning experience.

Beautiful, Professional Audio Player

Upload audio files into Member App then add them to your courses.

You can add one or more audio files. Each with optional download option for offline listening.

Includes advanced audio settings customized to suit your chosen theme.

Precise Video & Audio Tracking System

Every video & audio file you add within your courses now includes advanced tracking.

See with to the minute transparency when your students are dropping off your video & audio files.

Make adjustments to your media files based on trends that you see.

Track individual users overall video viewership and watch time within your courses.

Enhanced Feedback & Student Analytics System

Commercial grade analytics system based around student provided feedback.

Improve each of your courses and detect issues, dead links, ‘urgent edits or improvements’.

Get overall lesson ratings and user generated feedback from each and every lesson within your courses.

Add additional admins, editors or support agents within Member App

Enhanced Membership Dashboard & Reporting

Add a beautiful dashboard to your Member App software.

View financial forecasts, timelines and graphs showing how much money you’re making from each of your memberships and courses.

Export financial reports and send to clients with one click.

Create Bundle Offers

You can choose to sell an individual course or you can package multiple courses into a bundle that you can sell.

Create and sell packages effortlessly.

Sell membership access as well as course access.

Joint Partnership Contracts

Partner with other creators, businesses or experts and get paid instantly on every sale thats made.

Setup partnership contracts that guarantee
each of you gets paid a % of every sale.

Automate how money is distributed based
on a mutually accepted partnership contract.

Add Multiple Lecturers

Add additional lecturers to your courses within a membership.

Collaborate on projects with other course creators.

Grant permission to lecturers to add, edit and delete content from selected courses.

Enhanced ‘Action’ Integrations

Engage your prospects and students in new ways with upgraded ‘Action’ integrations.

Shopping cart actions, subscription actions and dunning.

Tag prospects and students. Add or remove students From different subscriber lists or followup email sequences based on their actions.

Secure ‘Founder’ Access
To This Incredible Add-on.

Plus is designed to dramatically improve Member App. 

It makes Member App both faster and easier to use and offers an enhanced feature list and level of service you can use within your business or offer to your clients.

Secure access today and add Plus to your account for a low yearly payment. 

Once this offer closes down you will have to pay a much higher monthly or yearly payment in the future if your want to upgrade your account to plus.

Not only that but right now included today is a 30 day money back guarantee for this upgrade. 

Test Member App Plus out
with no risk at all.

Enhance your Memberships for both you and your clients. 

Test this upgrade out and see the difference that it makes to your campaigns for both you and your students. 

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied within 30 days then give us a message and we’ll immediately provide you with a refund. 

If you want to get access now here is another short recap of exactly what you’re getting when you add PLUS to your Member App account: 

Business License
  • Shopping Cart
  • Coupon codes
  • Transaction management
  • Upload & Manage media files
  • Flexible Video Player
  • Professional Audio Player
  • Video & Audio Tracking
  • Financial Dashboard & Reporting
  • Joint Partnership Contracts
  • Multiple Lecturers
  • Sub-Users
  • Action Integrations
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Commercial License
Most Popular
  • Upgrade Client Accounts to Plus
  • Shopping Cart
  • Sales Funnels
  • Affiliate Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Upload & Manage media files
  • Flexible Video Player
  • Professional Audio Player
  • Video & Audio Tracking
  • Financial Dashboard & Reporting
  • Create ‘Bundle’ Offers & Products
  • Joint Partnership Contracts
  • Multiple Lecturers
  • Sub-Users
  • Action Integrations
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many files can I store in Member App?

There are no limits. You can host an unlimited amount of videos, audio files or documents.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! You can test this upgrade out for 30 days. If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied then send us an email to support and we’ll provide you with a full refund.

If I don’t want to renew my account do I still retain access to my Memberships?

Yes! You can cancel anytime and still retain full control and access to your Memberships within Member App. 

Whats the cost of this package?

In the future this package will cost upwards of $497 per year. Today as a founding user you can get access for just one annual payment of $197 for commercial or $97 agency.

How many sub-users can I add?

You can add up to 10 admin users and an unlimited amount of editors and support agents

Does this include future upgrades to the package?

Yes, you will receive all of the features on this page today. You’ll also receive all of the future features that we are rolling out in the near future.