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Member App Professional

The Ultimate Membership Suite For Creators, Consultants & Agencies. With next level Professional features you can unlock immediately within yourMember App software.

Only Professional Users Enjoy
Amazing Features Like This…

Activate Polls & Quizzes Within Your Membership

You can now activate Polls & Quizzes within your membership planner. 

Simply drag in a poll or a quiz into the membership planner. 

Enter in your chosen questions and view the results of your members responses within reports. 

This is a great tool to use for testing your students level of knowledge after going through your training and a great way to assess student progress.

Members Can Engage & Comment With Your Membership

Your users can now comment on your membership lessons. 

You can directly engage with your students, answer questions and support your community. 

Moderate comments, answer privately or publicly.

Upgrade your integrations with over 1500+ additional connections with Zapier.

You can immediately use Zapier to plug your membership websites into additional email marketing systems such as aweber, Vertical Response, Drip & Gmail.

Use Marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Intercom, Salesforce & more...

Use team communication tools like Slack, Trello & Asana to manage

Improve reporting for clients with spreadsheet & Google doc integrations. 

And so many others...

Upload Custom Video Thumbnails

Enhance how your videos look inside of your courses.

Upload customized thumbnails into your course videos within your course creation engine.

Unlock 3 Brand New Mobile Responsive Themes

Select from 3 additional PRO themes added to your Member App account.

Each membership has been professionally designed to enhance your students learning experience as they go through your courses.

Complete Theme Customization

You can now customize your theme. Choose from over 20 fonts.

Recolor any theme within Member App with advanced theme editing.

Flexible Membership & Course Customization

Add external scripts, html or edit your theme using Javascript.

You can completely reshape how your membership looks and add software like intercom, Zendesk or Kayako to any of your pages.

Customize your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Customize pre-written Terms and conditions and privacy policies within Member App.

Add your own legal documents or customize the documents we provide to you.

New Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

Unlock student analytics and reporting within your Member App dashboard.

View & mark quiz results, review and respond to comments.

Generate individual and overall progress reports.

Remove Member App Branding from themes

Every theme built within ‘Member App’ has a ‘Powered by Member App’ link down the bottom.
You can leave this active and get paid commissions when someone clicks through and buys. Alternatively you can now choose to remove the powered by text and icon.

Unlock Affiliate Dashboard: 

You can get paid recommending other creators, businesses or consultants get access to member app. 

With this upgrade you get the ability to sell Member app as an affiliate and unlock our affiliate resources dashboard. 

This allows you to cash-in on this incredible new membership software.

Use Professional Features
With Clients

You can use each one of these incredible upgrade features to help your clients.

Sell memberships to businesses, manage memberships for clients and export valuable information you can send to your clients about their members activities.

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With this new upgrade you’re not only getting a leg up on your competition but you’re also getting a leg up over other ‘Member App’ users who don’t pickup this upgrade. Each one of these enhancements has been crafted specifically to maximize your video power & captivate your audience or client audiences. 

Quick recap of everything you get
when you upgrade to Member App Professional
right now on this page:

Activate Polls & Quizzes

Run Polls & Quizzes with your members

Member Comments

Members can comment. Manage member comments

Zapier Integration

Choose from over 1500 Zapier
Integrations within Member App

Upload Custom Video Thumbnails

Upload custom thumbnail designs into your embedded videos

Activate 3 Beautiful New Themes

Choose from 3 brand new beautiful themes available within your Member App pro account

Unlock Advanced Theme Editing

Change the color, font and further customize your membership theme

Edit your memberships HTML or Javascript code

Add external scripts or edit how your memberships and courses look with HTML or Javascript code

Edit or add your own Legal Documents

Copy and paste your own privacy policies and terms and conditions. Or insert your business name into our pre-created legal documents

Unlock Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

Review & mark quiz results, respond to comments. View individual and overall student progress and statistics

Remove Member App Branding

Remove ‘Powered by Member App’ link
from the bottom of your membership site

Unlock Affiliate Dashboard

Get paid 50% on every referral you make to Member App

Commercial Rights:

Sell or manage memberships for businesses

Your Unfair Advantage

Now 100% Risk Free for 30 days

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  • Student Comments
  • Zapier Integration
  • Upload Video Thumbnails
  • 3 Brand New Themes
  • Advanced Theme Editing
  • Membership Customization
  • Customizable Legal Documents
  • Automatic Membership Management
  • Reporting & Analytics Dashboard
  • Remove Member App Branding
  • Affiliate Dashboard
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use these features with client projects? 

Yes! All of these features including the shopping cart, analytics, Sub-users, share and sell your memberships... All 13 incredible features include a commercial license.

Can I get paid to my bank account when I sell a course?

Yes! Using stripe integration you can process membership payments directly to your bank account without any additional fees from us or expenses. You keep 100% of the money you make selling your membership websites. Alternatively you can connect Paypal and when you make money into Paypal you can withdraw it into your bank account.