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Gamification Features

Stimulate & Incentivize Your Students With Gamification

Enhance your courses with Gamification. Motivate your students to login to learn daily with rewards, sweepstakes, badges & daily goals.

Set Daily Goals

Students can set daily goals to achieve. These goals could include the amount of lessons they want to complete every day or the amount of points they want to accumulate on a daily basis based on the amount of content they complete.

Sweepstakes, Rewards & More...

Choose from a wide range of additional rewards you can offer your students. These could include Grand Prizes, sweepstakes entries or unlockable ‘progress-based’ rewards.

Competitive Results-Based Leaderboards

Motivate your students to complete your course and all of the quizzes, assignments or homework. Showcase students names on a real-time leaderboard based on achievement and results.

Customizeable Achievement Badges

Create your own achievement badges that unlock and are attached to a students profile. Motivate your students to complete certain goals within your courses to unlock new achivement badges.

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