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“There has to be
a better way”

This one thought inspired us to create Member App. A unique suite of tools that completely revolutionize the way trainers, coaches and creators create and sell online.

Sam Bakker - Founder

In the beginning...

It was around late 2018 and I was finishing a gig marketing consulting.

There was one side project my team and I had created that was at best a prototype. We had a few hundred users and one thing stood out for us.

Although there was lots of course software out there users simply loved what we had created. It was at that time we started to take a serious look at what was possible with this new software we had called 'Member'.

User inspired action

After our initial launch of the software it became clear that our users not only wanted to create courses but manage all of their sales and marketing within one place. We had a unique approach to course creation and our users wanted that same approach applied to other parts of their marketing. All within one easy to use system.

So we listened. We identified some key problems within the current software out there. These problems were:

1. Creators undercharge for their products if their marketing pages, checkout process and course doesn't look professional.

2. Feature overload leads creators to become discouraged and in many case never actually launch their first campaign.

3. Feedback is a critical part of improving your marketing but most software don't have any specific ways of figuring out what changes to make to improve conversions and students experience.

A solution is born

We became absolutely obsessed with these problems. We conducted market research, communicated with our users daily and brainstormed possible solutions and after a few months we became confident we had built something unique to solve these problems.

1. Users could now create high quality and professional sales material, checkout forms and courses. Each tested and refined. It’s easy to find then customize the perfect theme that promotes your products.

2. We cut out unnecessary features and decreased the time it takes to create a marketing & course campiagn.

3. We built in an incredible feedback & analytics system that provides users with to the minute accurate feedback on courses from users as well as to the minute traffic & sales statistics.

Our Mission:

After rolling out these solutions our mission became clear. We wanted to create the most effective Sales, Marketing & Course creation software on the internet..

To provide innovative solutions to our users and a way of creating then selling products with ease online.

A Company obsessed with our users

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we do everything to better help them. For that reason we don't take short cuts. We communicate actively with our users and we're always available to help fast within support. Why not shoot us a quick message and say 'Hey'?

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